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Hills West Denali, “Denali"

Hill’s West Denali is a stocky little fellow who came to us from our friend Tamara Marlin at Hills West Labradoodles in the Tri Cities of WA. He is cream colored, has a thick lovely coat and a large beaming nose; one of my favorite Australian Labradoodle traits. Denali lives with his guardian family of four in Sammamish WA. He is blessed to be part of a family of runners and hikers, and he keeps up with them every step of the way. He has a busy social schedule that every dog in the Northwest would envy.

I have been given glowing reviews about Denali and am grateful he is with us.

January 18, 2015
Health Testing
Pawprint panel of 11all normal/clear, Heart,Hip and Elbow by OFA, Eye Stud
Type Australian Labradoodle
Non Shedding cream/apricot
18 inches at shoulder, 37 lbs.
Originated Hills West Labradoodles, Richland WA
Lakeside Kayak Cruise of Hills West
Hills West Kailani ALAA# 042477

Pacific Rim's Rogue River for Seattle (“Merf”)

Rogue is a jewel of a guy. He lives with his Forever Family just north of Seattle, where he has three little ones to watch over. He has a busy social schedule of baseball, birthday parties, and camping. Rogue has sired three incredibly soft Labradoodle litters for us. We're excited about the softness of the coats, as well as the deep color he produces. Rogue seems to float wherever he moves.

Australian Labradoodle
Size 19 in. to shoulder, 35 lbs.
Color Red
Coat Loose spiraling fleece
Origin Pacific Rim Labradoodles
Dam Blazing Star Lola
Sire Puppy Loves Murphy McGee
D.O.B July 2, 2009
Health Clearances OFA, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals hip: good, elbows: normal, PennHIP evaluation: 80th percentile, Canine Eye Registration Foundation: normal, CERF, PRA-prcd: normal
ALAA Registration # 023413

Seattle’s Timber Leaf

Timber is a super fellow who sired his first litter late 2018. After not seeing him for quite some time I was stunned when his guardian owners met me at a Green Lake cafe for an outdoor lunch. Among the many many dogs who hang out there, Timber was simply a standout; thanks to his guardian parents diligent training. Sometimes a stud dog will not be known for his keen sense of calm with the scent of many dogs around. But Timber had the demeanor of an elder statesman, and I was so proud! Gentle, calm, confident. Timber also had the blocky head of an English Lab. A blocky head and a large nose makes my heart happy. His structure was superior. Timber lives with his young family north of Seattle. They are considering breeding in the future and have chosen their first gal from Shedless in Seattle Labradoodles, Sperry. For now, Timber is her “big brother” and excellent role model.

Registered name
Seattle's Timber Leaf
Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle
Size 19 inches
Thick wavy fleece, non shedding
Origin Shedless in Seattle Labradoodles
Seattle's Fozzie Bear
Legendary's Texas Mazzie
December 8, 2016
Health Clearances
Hips by Penn Hip, Elbows by OFA, Hips by OFA, Patellas, Heart
ALAA Registration #

Little Vander Wel

Now tell me, have you ever seen a more expensive face? Little Bear is a super wooly, super curly gal who reminds me of one of my favorite childhood book characters, Little Bear, by M. Sendak and E.H. Minarik. Raising her brought he warm fuzzies, and memories of reading on the lap of my Mom. But with her terrifically appealing temperament brought enthusiasm for every dog and human she met; an Australian Labradoodle trait that can simply go too far! But her guardian family of six slowly trained her to chill. She is now honestly one of the most easy going dogs I have had the pleasure of breeding. In my home with her first litter, she oozes calm. Running your fingers through her wooly coat is like going to yoga class. Little Bear would make a terrific visiting dog. And I am so grateful I kept her as a breeder. Her guardian family has two Shedless in Seattle Labradoodles.

Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle
Size 18 inches At shoulder, 38 lbs.
Wool, apricot, non shedding
Origin Shedless in Seattle Labradoodles
Hills West Denali
Aussie L’s Bubblegum
February 10, 2016
Health Clearances
Hips Excellent Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Elbows normal Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Eyes Normal Companion Animal Eye Registry (OFA) 6-26-18, Patellas, Heart
ALAA Registration #

  • Little Bear, left, with BFF Harvey

  • Little Bear to right with Bestie Harvey in Bothell WA


Tallulah of Sundance ("Tallulah")

Tallulah of Sundance Labradoodles in AZ is a little lump of love. I say lump because she is a compact build, who surprises you with her density when you pick her up. She is a highly affectionate lump of love, but also the most protective of her babes of all the Mama dogs I have loved. Day six since the birth of her little ones, and I am the only person who is allowed to touch her pups. Tallulah lives like a princess in her Seattle area home with her empty nester guardian family. She gets to live the Northwest RV life, going to the Oregon coast; a lovely life that we all aspire to, human and canine. One of my favorite “Tallulahisms” is the way she honks and grunts to speak to me. Tallulah has her very own language. In her first littler there were a few pups who shared her same language. I love to watch those genes passed down from one generation to the next. Tallula has a coat that does not mat as much as some Doodles, and is non shedding. It is fairly easy maintenance.

ALAA Registration #

Seattle's Dottie Dog

Dottie Bug is a beloved girl to us because she lived with us for most of her life before choosing her guardian owner. Dot was named after my aunt, Dorotha Grable, who I thought was the coolest Aunt ever because she lived in CA. That was a big deal for a KY girl to have a west coast Auntie. She was nicknamed “Bug” after my daughter, Ellie" Bug”. Our canine Dottie has an intensely passionate exuberance. She does everything with gusto. She stares into my eyes like I made the sun and the moon just for her. She presses her big snout under my neck and holds it there for as long as I will be still. Her snout has magical calming powers, which is interesting because nothing about Dottie shouts calm. Like I said, it is magical. Ahhhhh! Dottie lives in Woodinville WA. with her guardian when she is not attending classes at Whitworth University. She is a hit visiting campus. Her first litter was summer 2018 and pups are ready October ’18.

Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle
Size 21 inches at shoulder, 45 lbs
Coat Non-shedding spiraling fleece
Color Dark Apricot
Origin Shedless in Seattle Labradoodles
Dam Seattle’s Be Merry Lila
Sire Aussie L’s Mr. Snuffleapagus
D.O.B August 20, 2016
Health Clearances Orthopedic Foundation Animals good hips, normal elbows, heart, patellas
ALAA# 062854

Dottie’s first visit to Mt Si and the cows grazing at North Bend WA

Legendary's Texas Mazzie ("Mazzie")

Be Merry Lila "Lila"

ALAA Registration # 039722
ALAA Registration # 044622


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  • "The first day and night went well. The kids are crazed with excitement and I must say it was nice to send them off to school today (for me, anyhow)! Snicker has been doing great with housetraining."
    Shawna / Woodinville, WA
  • "Jonas has been such a wonderful puppy! He is so nice to have around and he is learning very quickly with his training. He is great with the kids and they are adjusting and learning how to act around him as well. I am amazed at how relatively easy he has been so far. I am so glad we got him, we all think he's a great dog."
    Libby R. / Bainbridge, WA