Adopting a dog? What you need to do it right

He's opened your heart - you're opening your home!

Learn how to make adopting all that it should be!

Discover the steps and secrets to perfect matchmaking! A dynamic new course from Whole Dog Journal will show you how!

Congratulations! You’ve decided to adopt a dog. Now the questions begin. Where should I look? Shelter? Breeder? What type of dog? Long hair? Short hair? Pup? Senior? Will he be comfortable with children? Will my children be comfortable with him? What about shots? Which foods are best? How can I ward off separation anxiety? How do I quiet barking?

Those are just some of the questions to ask. That’s why the editors of Whole Dog Journal have prepared a new online course with the answers you need for the adoption that’s right for you—and for your new dog. With Adopting a Dog, you will learn how to successfully find and confidently welcome a new dog into your home, your family, and your life.

That starts with where you look for your dog. In Adopting a Dog, you’ll find the pros and cons of various adoption programs, how to assess a facility, the two sources to avoid at all costs, and the six criteria that define a caring and conscientious breeder.

Now how do I choose my dog? They all look so cute. You’ll learn about breed tendencies, needs, and health issues. You’ll master two simple tests for suitability and compatibility and you’ll discover five evaluation steps that will add certainty to your final decision.

Learn anytime, anywhere!
You can access your Adopting a Dog course whenever it’s convenient for you from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. Easy login and simple-to-navigate screens make the course a ready reference you can call upon from the first day of your search through all of those wonderful dog days that await you and your new tail-wagging best buddy.
And, you’ll be ready for D-day! That day your new dog comes home. Remember, it’s all new for him and maybe scary. You’ll be prepared to ease his adjustment. You’ll learn how to stop problems before they start…encourage good behavior…and accelerate trust.

When it comes to training, you'll set your dog up for success. You'll learn how to set up clear house rules and establish consistent routines. You'll get guidance for effective socialization, for teaching important cues, and for getting your dog to love his crate.

Plus, you’ll gain the tools to fortify your dog’s health and happiness. You’ll discover why many dogs are over-vaccinated. You’ll learn safe ways to prevent fleas and ticks…the essential elements of complete nutrition…ideas for keeping your dog eager and engaged…and more.
You're willing. With Adopting a Dog, you'll be ready and able!
In this course, you’ll find…
Why you should think twice before adopting siblings
6 common stress responses—and how to calm them
Conditioning a puppy (or senior dog) to enjoy car rides
Surprise: big dogs that are great for small apartments
15 socialization skills your puppy should have—and when
Your pre-adoption checklist: 10 items to buy now.
And more!
He's yours to find...and yours to keep!

This new online course will give you the essential guidance you need to decide and provide wisely and attentively.
You’ll learn positive training techniques and find important dog care skills including…


Five easy things you can do to maximize the odds that you've found your perfect adoptee.
Making the transition easier for an adult dog
How to build your dog's confidence and lessen his susceptibility to separation anxiety.
Feed his needs: how to assure that your dog gets appropriate, balanced, and healthy meals.
Come! The fun way to teach your puppy a fast recall.
A safer, smarter approach to scheduling core vaccines.
Dogs enrich our lives. Whether you have dogs now, or the next will be your first, Adopting a Dog will ease your search and will prepare you to enjoy The companionship of your new dog to its fullest!
Be on your way with Whole Dog Journal’s Adopting a Dog. Don’t miss out.

You’ll learn at home—and feel at home!

With Whole Dog Journal’s newest online course, Adopting a Dog online course, you choose the time and you set the pace. The course lets you:

Get information you can use from a source you can trust
Learn from Whole Dog Journal’s editors and experts when and where it’s convenient for you
Watch, pause, and watch again as often as you want
Share the learning experience with your family and your dog-owning friends
Includes downloadable resources, quizzes, “here's-how” videos, timely topics, and more!



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