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Often we are approached by families who want a Doodle but are put off by the price. If you are in that situation, our Forever Family guardian program may suit your needs.

Labradoodle owners are writing in to us! Read their letters at our Owners page.

A Forever Family takes possession of their puppy at 8 weeks of age with their puppy being a permanent member of their family. The puppy comes at a greatly discounted price depending on our agreement. In return, the family allows their dog to become a part of the Shed Less in Seattle breeding program.

Why do we offer this? We are committed to have every breeding dog live as a pet in a home rather than in kennels (we have no kennels). This allows us to expand our breeding program and still have just three pets living in our own home.

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The Mama Labradoodles will return to our home one week before the litter is due, raise her litter with us, and return to the Guardian family when pups are seven weeks of age. The pups stay on another two weeks with us. 

The Mamas will have up to three litters and be spayed by the time they are five years old. If I choose to not breed the dog, the guardian owes me nothing to have ownership transferred to them, but will pay for neuter or spay. Guardians pay for basic dog-care costs of food, grooming, basic Vet care. 

I, the breeder pay for Ophthalmologist visits, Hip and Elbow testing, Genetic testing, before choosing to breed. I pay for additional premium healthy food needed during pregnancy. Forever Families come in all shapes and sizes, single and double, old and young. But they need impeccable character references and must permanently reside within two hours of Nine Mile Falls and Spokane area, with not possibility of job transfer. Some of my Guardian Forever families have become my most cherished friends, and many of them have gotten a second Guardian Forever dog from me.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The first day and night went well. The kids are crazed with excitement and I must say it was nice to send them off to school today (for me, anyhow)! Snicker has been doing great with housetraining."
    Shawna / Woodinville, WA
  • "Jonas has been such a wonderful puppy! He is so nice to have around and he is learning very quickly with his training. He is great with the kids and they are adjusting and learning how to act around him as well. I am amazed at how relatively easy he has been so far. I am so glad we got him, we all think he's a great dog."
    Libby R. / Bainbridge, WA